Comfort Dentistry in Westminster, CO

Do dental visits make you nervous? Do you or your child have special healthcare needs that make it difficult to sit through a procedure? The gentle, compassionate team at Westminster Dental Care is here for you.

We offer the very best comfort dentistry near Westminster, CO because we provide comfort menus to all patients! If you are nervous - or just need some help relaxing - you'll get a blanket, headphones, sunglasses, and even laughing gas during your treatment.

Even better, we continually invest in the top dental technologies for our Westminster dentist office, allowing us to complete even complex treatments in less than an hour's time!

Comfort Dentistry For Anxious Patients

Did you know that more than half of Americans report suffering from dental anxiety at one time or another? If you experience this common condition, don't worry! We have everything you need to make your time in the dental chair a relaxing one.

Comfort Dentistry For Special Healthcare Needs

Dr. McKnight has experience working with individuals who have special healthcare needs. During your new patient appointment, he will conduct a thorough review of your medical and dental history to determine the most comfortable treatment plan for you. Remember, we offer laughing gas, a mild sedative designed to calm nerves and promote relaxation!

Comfort Dentistry For Children

If your child is nervous, has special healthcare needs, or simply has trouble sitting still, Dr. McKnight will be there to save the day! After a thorough consultation with both you and your child, he will determine if laughing gas could help them experience a more peaceful dental visit.

Sit Back & Relax At Westminster Dental Care!

Dr. McKnight and the rest of our team are here to make your visit a blissful one. Call us today to schedule your comfort dentistry appointment!

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